Linda Greenlaw, the only woman to captain a swordfish boat and one of the very few women to make it in commercial fishing, describes herself as a proud fisherman (no, not fisherperson or fisherwoman) who lives like a nomad, swears like a pirate, has an income that's sporadic at best and can look her best friend in the eye and lie. She's also a best-selling author who can tell sea stories with the best of them. And that's just what she does in All Fisherman Are Liars: Tales from The Dry Dock Bar. On a blustery December afternoon Linda met her best friend and mentor, salt-encrusted curmudgeon Alden Leeman, for lunch. Over vino and vittles they began to swap sea stories. Other fishing pros joined in and the tales of bungles, bad weather, bad crews, narrow escapes and near disasters flowed until last call. Greenlaw proves again that she's a natural storyteller and a fabulous audio narrator as well.

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