Another blond with bombshell attributes turns up in You Only Die Twice, Edna Buchanan's most recent Miami-set, Britt Montero mystery. But this blonde, who has washed up on the beach, is very dead. Britt, one of my favorite crime fiction characters, who covers the police beat for Miami's major newspaper, gets the story early and tries to help the police identify the beautiful blonde. When the cop in charge tells her that the corpse is a dead woman, she thinks, "yeah, what else is new?" Then, it sinks in the beach blonde is Kaithlin Jordan, supposedly murdered by her wealthy husband 10 years ago. Now, she's dead again and her death-row hubby will walk out of jail, just weeks before his execution. Surrounded by so many questions, Britt is in her element and we're in for a well-crafted caper, consummately read by Sandra Burr.

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