Four men, including the famed curator of the Louvre, have been murdered by a gargantuan albino monk who obeys a man called "the teacher." But before he died, the curator left a coded message hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, a message that brings Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist, and Sophie Neveu, the curator's cryptographer granddaughter, into the action. And suspenseful, fast-paced action is what you'll find in Dan Brown's pulse-pounder, The Da Vinci Code, read by Colin Stinton. One code leads to another and, racing against time and the treacherous "teacher," Langdon and Sophie must crack them all to find the keystone and its centuries-old secret, guarded by the Knights Templar and their successors a secret that could shake the foundations of Christianity. There's much to ponder in this Byzantine thriller but do that after your heart rate gets back to normal.

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