Another sassy classic from the mistress of modern Southern literature. In this delightfully fast-paced novel, Smith brings together a group of female friends for an unforgettable reunion. During their college days, the feisty bunch had taken their cue from Huck Finn, built a raft and floated down the Mississippi River. That was 35 years ago. Now, four of the women the contentedly married Catherine; Courtney, a society bee; Anna, a successful romance novelist, and timid Harriet have come together for a steamboat cruise on the river in remembrance of their dead friend, the troubled, impulsive Baby. Flashing back to the 1960s, the characters reminisce about their college years. These wonderful scenes reveal the similarities and differences between a diverse group of women who are tied by the common bond of memory. A Good Morning America "Read This!" selection, this best-selling novel is a heartwarming exploration of friendship and womanhood. A reading group guide is included in the book.

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