Exquisite, enigmatic, the tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn in the MusŽe de Cluny in Paris enthrall viewers. Now, Tracy Chevalier does for them what she did so brilliantly for a Vermeer painting in Girl with a Pearl Earring; she conjures up a wholly believable story of the creation of a masterpiece and the people involved. The Lady and the Unicorn, set in Paris and Brussels at the end of the 15th century, is told in the alternating voices and perspectives of its well-drawn characters, performed in this audio version with impeccable nuance and inflection by Robert Blumenfeld and Terry Donnelly. We hear from the talented, womanizing artist, hired by a wealthy Parisian courtier to paint the tapestries; the courtier's unhappy, pious wife; his hot-blooded adolescent daughter; and the Brussels weavers husband, wife and daughter. Chevalier herself has created a tapestry, a romantic, well-imagined tale woven into a mille fleurs background of fascinating historical detail.

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