In honor of Halloween, here's a stand-out entry in the rapidly growing field of paranormal romance, Karen Marie Moning's Spell of the Highlander. Overworked doctoral student Jessica St. James has no life outside her academic environs in Chicago until a mysterious delivery opens a door to a world from a time long past. The Dark Glass, a priceless mirror from the Stone Age with intriguing runes on its ancient frame, draws Jessi into the arms of Cian MacKelter, a Druid imprisoned within it. Summoning him out unleashes denizens with powers that transcend time and mortality. Entranced by the mysterious Highlander, Jessi unites with him against the treachery of Lucan, who must reclaim the mirror in order to survive. Moning blends the reality of modern-day life and the realm of the Druids with a sorcerer's talent. Spellbinding, indeed. Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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