Bite into a bodacious tale of Southern family heroism as staunch and deeply rooted as the apple orchards of Deborah Smith's bold and charismatic Sweet Hush. Hush McGillen Thackery's plan for her life is as regimented as her orchards build the family apple trees into a flourishing business and legacy. Hush faces the greatest challenge of her life, however, when her son Davis brings home a unique guest: Eddie Jacobs, presidential first daughter and now his very pregnant bride. Secrets kept by Hush since her son's birth face revelation to the entire nation by right-wing radio muckraker Haywood Kenny. She finds an unlikely ally in Nick Jacobek, who comes to Sweet Hush Orchards to rescue his misguided niece only to find himself captivated by the mountain woman with the courage and tenacity to take on a president. Smith's tale of temptation and redemption is as old as Eve's apple, her lushly peopled pages as fertile as the Southern soil nurturing the family orchards. When Hush branches out from her home turf, whether she's standing toe-to-toe with Eddie's mama, the first lady, or delivering a much-deserved switching to the villainous Kenny, she carries with her the roots of her native soil in ways that will have the reader cheering her on.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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