Secret crushes, an enticing warrior werewolf and a smart and sexy attorney mark the pages of this month's most exciting romances.

A Regency miss finds herself the temporary ward of her brother’s best friend—who is also her secret crush—in How to Seduce a Scoundrel by Vicky Dreiling. When the Earl of Hawkfield agrees to watch over Lady Julianne, her heart thrills. Maybe this is her chance to make him see her as a desirable woman and not the mischievous minx of childhood. But Hawk’s eyes won’t open easily. As a renowned rake, he knows it’s dangerous to dally with any young lady, particularly a good friend’s little sister. But Julianne is hard to resist—and so are his memories of his debauched past. Though he wants her, he doesn’t feel worthy of wooing such a respectable young woman. Hawk’s resistance strikes at Julianne’s most vulnerable spot. After living with a cold, unfaithful father, she wants a man who will truly love her. A scandalous, anonymously penned pamphlet—“A Lady’s Secrets of Seduction”—provides more for the town to gossip over besides Hawk and Julianne’s burgeoning affair. Delightful and delicious, this sensual romance will leave readers smiling.

Lori Handeland offers an imaginative and exciting story that includes Aztec warriors and supernatural werewolves in Crave the Moon. Gina O’Neill is struggling to hold onto the family ranch in Colorado by taking in vacationers looking for a “dude” experience, while rebuffing a noted archaeologist who wants to explore her land for Aztec ruins. Gina can’t take the chance that Dr. Matt Mecate might discover the dangerous cavern where her parents died trying to save her. Matt was raised by his mother, also an archaeologist, who risked her reputation by insisting that the Aztecs ventured farther north than ever documented—and he wants to prove her right. But he finds much more than he bargained for upon arrival at the ranch. There’s the enticing Gina, who stirs his passion, and then there is the lingering sense of evil on the wind. When the two of them accidentally free a trapped ancient sorcerer, murdering werewolves start stalking the land . . . and Gina and Matt. Will they and their growing love survive? Chills abound in this tale that’s both sensual and scary.

Mark Ryan and Jessica Ford reappear in another riveting novel from Karen Robards. In Justice, attorney Jess has taken a new name and a new job since she’s still considered in danger as the sole survivor of a car accident that killed the former First Lady. Mark, a Secret Service agent she met and fell for after that harrowing experience, is out of her life due to a mutual attack of cold feet. But when a high-profile case puts her in the spotlight again, Mark returns to her side, determined to keep her safe. Though she at first resists, Jess realizes she does indeed need help—but is the danger surrounding her related to the old case? Or could it be something to do with the mysterious disappearance of the woman whose place she has taken at the law firm? A mugging, missing teenagers and a near-death by drowning make Jess hope that she and Mark can put the pieces together before she’s six feet under. A smart, capable heroine paired with a sexy, protective man add up to a winning summer read in Justice.

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