Good Grief, the title of Lolly Winston's funny, bittersweet debut novel, may sound like an oxymoron. But Sophie, the 36-year-old widow whose life we share and whose pain we feel, ultimately finds that it's not. Desperate after her husband dies of cancer and desperately trying to be brave, Sophie tries ice cream, Oreos, smashing dishes and a marathon weekend of TV cop shows. No comfort there: the ice cream only melts on her pajama top, and when she arrives at work in bathrobe and bunny slippers, she has a total meltdown of her own. Moving away from keyed-up Silicon Valley to low-key Ashland, Oregon, Sophie still wonders if she can ever move on. She's someone you'll want to hug, cheer up and cheerlead for; someone who ultimately shows us and herself how intimately love and loss are intertwined and how life and maybe love, too after loss is possible. Read by Amanda Foreman.

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