<b>The Tailgater's Cookbook</b> Did you know that there's an American Tailgating Association and they estimate that each year, more than 20 million people live it up before the game or race or whatever in parking lots from sea to shining sea? Here's help making the event before the main event eventful in a culinary way. As David Joachim, author of <b>The Tailgater's Cookbook</b>, says, you can just go out and buy the ordinary stuff like potato salad at the deli. His aim is to give you the recipes for something different. To that end, his dishes were collected from and inspired by tried-and-true tailgaters around the country. But before he begins, David offers The Tailgater's Toolkit with a great checklist that covers everything from tickets to twist-ties, and all the info you need to be a smart tailgate cook. He then amplifies each recipe from Creamy Slaw with attitude, Chipotle-Bourbon Ribs and Venison Stew to French Toast Casserole and super-sized Champion Chip Cookies with advice for before you go, when you get there and the tips that will make you a calm, confident cook.

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