Best-selling English author Val McDermid is back with a taut and original police procedural, The Torment of Others. Two years ago, serial killer Derek Tyler was apprehended and sentenced to indefinite confinement in a mental institution. The forensic evidence was irrefutable, and indeed, Tyler confessed to the crimes. Now there is a new victim, a London prostitute, killed in identical fashion, with every clue leading directly to Tyler. A copycat, you might think? Not possible, because the police held back some of the details of the earlier murders, details which were unerringly replicated in this most recent killing. DCI Carol Jordan and her roommate, criminal psychologist Tony Hill, launch a sting operation, disguising a young female cop as a streetwalker in hopes of luring the current-day murderer out of hiding. This is risky business at the best of times, but Jordan has just returned to the police force after a similar botched operation in which she was raped and nearly killed. Both her superiors and her subordinates question her ability to withstand the pressure of such an investigation. Before she is done, DCI Jordan will uncover one of the most diabolical (and original) villains in recent memory. Fans of Ruth Rendell, Ian Rankin and Reginald Hill will find The Torment of Others impossible to put down.

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