Bank, the best-selling author of The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, returns with a charming and hilarious coming-of-age novel sure to please fans of her previous book. Sophie Applebaum, the narrative's main character, survives an angst-ridden adolescence in Surrey, Pennsylvania, then escapes to New York City, where she hopes to succeed as an editor. Needless to say, Sophie encounters some difficulties along the way as she adjusts to life in the big leagues. Bank begins the novel with a thoroughly appealing account of Sophie's teenage years in a middle-class Jewish family. A typical teenager, she grows up with two brothers, an introverted father and a good-hearted, traditional grandmother whose first concern is that Sophie find a suitable husband. After college, Sophie embarks on a new life in Manhattan, and her romantic entanglements, her attempts to enter the world of publishing, and the changes that affect her family back home her mother has an affair; her grandmother slowly becomes senile all cohere to form a wise, accomplished novel that's even stronger than Bank's first work. Not just another narrative for the 20-something generation, this is a lively, original book in which the author's considerable skills as a writer are fully on display.

A reading group guide is included in the book.

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