No deliberation is necessary to name Dominick Dunne as the reigning king of courtroom coverage. When it comes to reporting on sensational celebrity trials from Claus von Bulow to the Menendez Brothers and Michael Skakel nobody offers the fascinating in-depth background, the alluring social details and the fleshed-out portraits of villains, victims, witnesses and wannabes that Mr. Dunne does. Simply put, if you want insight, the inside scoop and informed opinion, nobody does it better. And the unassailable proof is in Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments, a collection of 18 articles that originally appeared in Vanity Fair. Dunne is relentlessly curious, interested in everything about everyone connected to a case, but what sets him apart, what gives his assessments a unique edge is his vital concern about justice, its carriage and miscarriage. Even if you've read some of these pieces and who didn't read Dunne on O.J. it's a treat to listen to him here. He's a master storyteller and a real pro as a performer.

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