Great literature, this isn't; super-soap opera and well-told tale, it is. The it is Olivia Goldsmith's Young Wives, her latest look at love's big ups and downs. It won't surprise anyone who has read, seen, or listened to Ms. Goldsmith's tales that it's told from a decidedly female perspective. The three married women we get to know here were happy, had much of what they wanted, and were certainly not looking for trouble.

But trouble is what they get, big time, and the probable cause isn't probable at all it's the husbands for sure. Each wife has to get a new life and a little revenge, and just a little justice would sweeten the situation. If Ms. Goldsmith, who reads her own words, had subtitled this novel with a slightly mangled mixture of the Bard and Ladies' Home Journal never underestimate the power of a woman scorned she'd have been right on the mark.

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