Plein air paintings, seemingly simple landscapes, are part of the layers of family secrets about to be laid bare in Elizabeth Lowell's compelling new romantic suspense novel, Die in Plain Sight. Lacey Quinn has a stash of her grandfather's unique paintings, which depict life, in simple pastoral scenes, and gruesome death, enacted in terrifying splendor. But are the paintings what they seem? Or are they forgeries to be protected from scrutiny? And why are the Savoy Ranch heirs so determined to get their hands on them? Lowell captures with artistry the yin and yang of the competing conflicts that lure Lacey into what may be her own deathtrap unless Ian Lapstrake is able to protect both her and the renowned artist Susa Donovan. Between the painted canvas and life itself, Lacey and Ian race against time to decipher the puzzles portrayed in oils and catch a dangerous killer determined to keep his secrets and his power. Riveting suspense from an acclaimed master.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

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