Once again, we have stories that will take you away . . . so put up your bare feet and dive right in! Start with a trip to 14th-century Scotland in Amanda Scott’s Tempted by a Warrior. With her abusive husband missing, Lady Fiona Jardine must answer to Sir Richard Seyton. At first she fears for herself and her infant, but Richard is unlike other men she’s known. While he’s all warrior, he’s also kind and understanding, and Fiona can see herself trusting him. Still, she’s tormented by the nagging fear that she might have had some- thing to do with her husband’s disappearance. Fiona has no memory of that night and wonders what she might have done—and chosen to forget. Once Richard learns of Fiona’s appre- hension, it only makes him more protective of this beautiful woman. As they grow closer, he finds it more imperative to discover what happened to her husband—because now he wants her for himself. With the intriguing murder mystery and a backdrop of Border skirmishes, this story has action, passion and peril.

Blind Spot, Nancy Bush’s atmospheric romantic thriller, is sure to cause shivers. When an unidentified, pregnant young woman is found catatonic and her male companion stabbed to death, authorities—both legal and medical—are stymied. “Jane Doe” is sent to a private mental hospital, where she comes under the care of Dr. Claire Norris, a woman reeling from a frightening episode some months before. Though one of her patients killed his girlfriend before her very eyes and then tried to kill Claire, she is still determined to help her latest patient. That brings her into contact with cop Langdon Stone—the brother of the young woman slain by her schizophrenic patient. Bitter about his sister’s death, Lang distrusts Claire’s motivations, and as they proceed into the investigation, they encounter sinister rumors of cults, witches and dark gifts. Despite his doubts about Claire and his questions about this latest murder, Lang finds himself drawn to the lovely doctor. Readers will worry over Lang and Claire’s newfound love—and their lives—in this gritty and suspenseful tale.

Robyn Carr writes with heart and soul in her latest contemporary, a women’s fiction/romance hybrid, A Summer in Sonoma. As four girlfriends approach 30, they also face crises in their lives. Cassie gives up looking for her soulmate after one frightening evening; Julie doesn’t know if she and her husband Billy, her first-and-forever love, can keep their life together under mounting debt; Marty’s marriage to firefighter Joe is unraveling; and ob-gyn Beth is keeping a secret from her pals. The characters are warm and real and the dilemmas they face authentic. Can Cassie give the biker who rescued her that fateful night a chance at her heart? Will Julie and Billy remain the happiest couple they know? Might Marty and Joe reclaim that caring feeling they once had? Is it possible for Beth to keep that clinical distance that she thinks keeps her sane? Readers will cry and laugh along with the four friends and sigh over the good men that come into their lives. A satisfying, sweet and sexy read.

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