In Night Echoes Holly Lisle explores the depth of eternal love from another direction. Artist Emma Beck, adopted at birth, has been haunted all her life by visions of a certain house and the face of a particular man. While on a trip to find out more about her long-dead mother, she stumbles over the very house of her dreams, abandoned and dilapidated, and buys it on the spot. She hires a local contractor, Mike Ruhl, to help fix it up, and the two unwittingly unleash a long-unsolved mystery. Emma is sleepwalking, unknowingly painting violent scenes in the middle of the night. She hears whispers and drips of water no one can find. Is the house haunted? Is Emma losing her mind? As if that weren't enough to worry about, it seems that everyone Emma talks to ends up getting murdered and no one seems to know what really happened to her mother. A gripping, fast-paced, mystery-within-a-mystery with an excellent romance woven in. Barbara Samuel's Lady Luck's Map of Vegas has been named a Target BreakOut Book.

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