Don't worry, Frodo's creator hasn't come back to us in a new guise. The Tolkien here is J.R.R.'s grandson, Simon, a British barrister turned writer of courtroom drama, and Final Witness is his first foray into this popular genre. Lady Anne Robinson has been murdered. Her only son, Thomas, saw it all happen as he hid in a secret bookcase. Daddy, Sir Peter, the ever-busy British minister of defense, was in London, as usual, with his gorgeous young green-eyed personal assistant, Greta. Can you see what's coming? Thomas accuses Greta, now the new Lady Robinson, of being behind the crime, and she's charged. Crisply narrated by the author, the whys and wherefores, the whos and whodunits, unfold in flashbacks and courtroom testimony that will have you guessing until that final witness takes the stand.


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