Matthew Klein's clever Con Ed is a sure bet to amuse readers of Tim Cockey and Carl Hiaasen. Retired con man Kip Largo requires fast cash in a big way. His estranged son is deeply in debt to the Russian mafia, and needs 60 grand to cover the principal and the vigilantes. Interest compounds rapidly with mob loans, though, and the 60 g's can easily escalate to a hundred if not paid promptly. Needless to say, it's not the sort of money Kip can come up with from his day gig at a dry-cleaning establishment, the only job he was able to land after serving eight long years in the slammer for mail and securities fraud. So when Lauren Napier turns up in need of Kip's once-legendary talents as a con artist, what choice does he have but to take her up on her offer? The sting seems simple enough: Lauren wants out of her marriage to an abusive, but ever so wealthy, husband. Said husband was canny when he married her, though; he made her sign a prenup that leaves her penniless if she walks out on him. All she wants is what she believes is rightfully hers: half! If Kip can engineer that, he stands to make a small fortune for himself. But wait, does the timing of all this seem a bit coincidental to you? Well, it does to Kip as well, and he can't quite figure out who's playing whom. It will be a wild chase, with high stakes: not just the money, which is substantial, but also the very lives of several of the players.

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