America's highway historic Route 66 cements a fractured mother-daughter relationship in Barbara Samuel's evocative story of mother Eldora and daughter India on a road-trip search for Gypsy, India's missing schizophrenic twin. Lady Luck's Map of Las Vegas is a quest for the missing parts of each woman, and the truths unraveled are at once liberating and heartbreaking. Eldora, who has sustained a lifelong masquerade about her background, must disclose those long held secrets to her daughter. India, on the other hand, has a newer secret her unplanned pregnancy. Their family legacy of mental illness compels India to weigh difficult alternatives. Truths, answers, laughter, tears Barbara Samuel touches on every one of these with an irrepressible verve that make her latest novel another jewel in a treasured strand of priceless writing.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota.

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