Long unavailable, Avon is now re-issuing Judith Ivory's early novel, Black Silk, which pits Submit Channing-Downes and Graham Wessit in a courtship dance as intricate as the aristocratic realm they inhabit. A Puritan name cannot contain the passions and power Submit exerts over the captivated Graham and the equally enthralled editor who waited over a decade to reintroduce this beguiling tale to the reading world.

Take a down-home Tennessee single mom who's astonished to learn the man she thought abandoned her has actually bequeathed her a share of an Irish castle, and you have the makings of a rollicking tale that's as tasty as the title in Deb Stover's Mulligan Stew. Bridget and son Jacob take on the Mulligans on their home-castle grounds and win over the family with homespun charm that's an ace.

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