Within the fabric that unites the Quintrell and Castillo families are taut threads with the power to affect the presidential campaign of Governor Josh Quintrell by revealing dark secrets meant to be buried with his father, New Mexico Senator Andrew Jackson Quintrell III. Winifred Castillo, sister-in-law of the senator, is determined that those secrets be exposed. Winifred hires family historian Carly May, who joins Dan Duran, a loner uncertain of his own heritage, to search through the generations of Quintrells and Castillos for answers to Winifred's allegations. While using the latest DNA technology and fragile papers documenting land grants and marriages that span centuries, Carly and Dan risk their lives against a sniper determined to keep old secrets buried. Elizabeth Lowell's edgy romantic thriller, Always Time to Die, sets an intricate pattern of twisted relationships set to snare both Carly and Dan or leave them dead. An altogether compelling story.

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