I must admit to a great fondness for Commissario Guido Brunetti—one of the most fully dimensional and likable of the fictional investigators who ferret out the bad guys and try to bring a modicum of justice to our increasingly complex world and for his creator, Donna Leon. Through a Glass, Darkly, Leon's 15th atmospheric mystery set in ultra-atmospheric Venice, once more brings you into this venerable, venerated city as it exists for Venetians, not tourists. This time, Brunetti finds himself embroiled in environmental politics, a murder on the island of Murano where the famed Venetian glass has been made for centuries and, as ever, in the corruption that pervades Italian bureaucracy. David Colacci, the voice of Brunetti and his brethren on the last four recordings, allows just enough of an authentic Italian accent to satisfy and gives the contemplative commissario the warm dignity he well deserves.


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