Chef, cookbook author and cooking teacher Peter Berley has one daughter who is a committed vegetarian and one an equally committed omnivore. He needed dietary dŽtente in his kitchen, a way to feed his family that was inclusive and efficient. It's hard enough to get one good meal on the table, let alone two. He came up with a flexitarian (his own word coined from flexible and vegetarian ) approach, a way of including people who eat in different ways in every great tasting dinner. The Flexitarian Table: Inspired, Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat Lovers and Everyone in Between is the culmination of his 30-year experience, filled with wonderfully stylish recipes combined into seasonal menus (10 per month). Berley offers easy, innovative takes on grains, veggie combos, salads and soups and convertible dishes like crispy pressed chicken/tofu both marinated in a zesty combo of garlic, mint and more, that allow family and friends to opt for their protein of choice. Now, you don't have to take sides and the vegans at your table won't be restricted to sides.

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