<B>Who's your daddy?</B> Her mother's last request you have a sister, find her for me sets Meredith Rawson on a dangerous journey into the past that could endanger her own life in Patricia Potter's <B>Cold Target</B>. Meredith's quest opens old family wounds and unleashes deadly efforts to stop her. The New Orleans attorney discovers her politically connected father may be part of the cover-up of her mystery sister. Detective Gage Gaynor becomes her unintended ally. Their search must range beyond the steamy environs of New Orleans because Meredith's long-lost sister, Holly Ames, unaware of her heritage, knows only that her husband has attempted to have her killed. Fleeing with her son to Arizona, Holly overcomes her fears to entrust their safety to Sheriff Doug Menelo. The two sisters' separate lives come together as Potter weaves suspense and emotional drama in rare form in this fascinating novel of corrupt power on a collision course with family honor.

<I>Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.</I>

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