<b>Wickett's Remedy</b> In the follow-up to her best-selling, critically acclaimed novel Bee Season, Goldberg offers a charming historical narrative that proves she's more than a one-hit wonder. Set in Boston in the early 1900s, the book features heroine Lydia Kilkenny, a smart, working-class Irish-American who puts in long days as a shopgirl. Lydia's life takes a turn for the better when she marries Henry Wickett, a medical student. Henry has a side project finding cures for hypochondriacal complaints but he dies from influenza just as his work is getting off the ground. After his death, Lydia becomes involved in battling the nationwide influenza epidemic. Meanwhile, Henry's former business associate discovers his special antidote, Wickett's Remedy, and amasses a fortune thanks to Henry's hard work. Goldberg augments the main storyline with newspaper articles and letters from the era that lend an air of authenticity to the story, and in Lydia she has created an intelligent and spunky leading lady. Anchor's paperback edition of the book features extra material from Goldberg, including new scenes that weren't in the hardcover version yet another reason to read this moving, multilayered and original novel. <i>A reading group guide is available at www.readinggroupcenter.com.</i>

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