Humphreys' bold, unusual novel tells the story of six dog lovers who due to circumstances beyond their control have become separated from their beloved pets and are suffering unusual consequences. The group of six gathers each night in the woods, trying to find the dogs who have formed a feral pack. With each owner and canine comes a separate story, and Humphrey deftly weaves her tale from differing points of view. Alice, the narrator of the novel's first half, leaves her boyfriend after he gets rid of her dog. She then falls in love with a wildlife biologist who has a surprising story of his own. The other dog lovers include a skateboarder named Jamie, who is abused at home, Lily, a brain-damaged young woman, and Malcolm, a mysterious recluse. These disparate characters all share a common love for their lost pets, and during their nightly gatherings they grow close to each other in ways that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. This innovative novel explores the bond between man and animal, while offering smart insights into human relationships and the motives and desires that drive us all. Humphreys, the Canadian author of Afterimage and The Lost Garden, has created a novel that, through its expert use of different narrative voices, has earned her comparisons to William Faulkner.

A reading group guide is included in the book.

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