Now there's a trio that's hard to beat. But then those niggling, nagging quandaries pop into your head should I serve red or white, dry or slightly sweet, would a sparkling sip be appropriate or over the top? Agonize no more, you've got Karen MacNeil, the award-winning author of The Wine Bible, as your personal sommelier, a savvy, supportive grape guru who can get you through the wine-food conundrum with amazing ease. In Wine, Food &andamp; Friends, her wine wisdom is paired with more than 100 recipes from Cooking Light, organized into 28 seasonal menus. You should start off with Pairing Principles, 14 simple ideas that make choosing the right wine a cinch. Now that you've parsed the pour, try a few of the dishes the all-out elegant Holiday Dinner that begins with dry Champagne, moves to a warming beef stew washed down with an Australian Shiraz, and ends with chocolate cheesecake served with vintage Port.

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