Cat Cora is an aficionado of fine fast food, too, with the emphasis on go with what you've got, improvising in the kitchen and having fun while you do it. Cat, co-founder and president of Chefs for Humanity, is a star of Iron Chef America and that, she's sure, sharpened her ability to wing it, to put together a dish or a dinner at a moment's notice. Cooking from the Hip, her latest, is divided into four sections Fast, Easy, Fun and Phenomenal with each section offering ideas from starters to desserts. You can choose the recipe (there are more than 100) that suits your mood, time frame, situation and, naturally, what you have on hand (check out the Pantry Makeover tips sprinkled throughout). The parmesan, prosciutto and arugula sandwich is Cat's fallback for a fast dinner or perfect picnic; chickpea and roasted pepper soup is an easy, excellent from-the-cupboard-to-the-pot first course or light lunch; goat fondue, served with apples, veggies and chunks of bread, is a fun take on a retro favorite; and lamb navarin, the quintessential spring stew, is phenomenal. Hip, hip, hooray!

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