They meet in the briny depths as Adam Carlyle forgoes his planned death to rescue the songstress who plummets from the back of a clipper ship in Katherine Kingsley's mellifluous Song from the Sea. Callie's rescue gives each the opportunity to relaunch their lives. Her past is lost in the fog of amnesia; his is a tormented yearning for his lost wife and son. For the first time in two years, Adam's interest is roused by the mystery woman. He persuades his friend Nigel to research her background. Nigel learns that Callie is engaged to the one man Adam loathes more than any other, his cousin Harold. Nigel's fateful decision to keep his knowledge secret sets in motion Adam's determination to take care of Callie. While her memory remains stubbornly blank, budding love takes root, until she confronts Harold's first claim on her and Adam's true motivations. Kingsley's charming tale of two lost souls drawn together is as alluring as the call of the sea that united them.

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