A heroine on the move in search of her own family heritage drives Betina Krahn's zesty new historical novel, The Wife Test. Once Chloe learns she was abandoned by a Gilbert, not a French resident of Guibray as she believed, she's determined to shepherd four Brides of Virtue from their sheltered existence in a French convent to new marriages to nobles in England. Hugh of Sennet wants no part of Chloe or the other maidens, but he's honor-bound to give them safe escort to their new homes. From the start that honor is sorely tested, both by French soldiers determined to stop their journey by any means necessary and Chloe's enchanting temptations. The Wife Test is a delightful romp of a read that delivers joyous wit and comic action as Chloe realizes that starting a new family may hold more for her than searching for her past.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

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