The controversial author and mastermind behind the magazine McSweeney's delivers a fascinating, frenetic, first novel. Narrator Will has suffered the death of a friend and a mean beating by a gang of roughnecks, but he's also come into big money $80,000, to be exact. Driven, in part by guilt, Will decides to give away the cash, a choice that leads to the wild, wiggy, six-day trip he takes with his pal, Hand. Without map or plan, the pair hop from airport to airport, continent to continent, touching down in Senegal and London (among other places) and distributing free cash to a varied cast of cabbies, hookers and farmers, many of whom are suspicious of the generosity thrust upon them. Written in Eggers' trademark intrepid prose, this whirlwind book is grandly scaled, fast-paced, often hilarious a challenging work from one of America's most audacious authors. A reading group guide is available in print and online at

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