<B>Sukey's favorite</B> A nice Indian boy that's all Anju wants and that's all her family is praying for. But he has to be from the right caste and the right family, have no bad habits, etc., etc. As Kavita Daswani's thoroughly charming debut novel <B>For Matrimonial Purposes</B> opens, Anju is 33 years old and husbandless. Best efforts, including fortune-tellers, matchmakers and relatives galore, have not turned up a suitable spouse. In the meantime, Anju has left Bombay and the accusatory eyes of her many aunties and become a successful fashion publicist in New York. And though she's broken away from many of the confining customs of her country, she still wants to please her loving parents and honor tradition. Can she do it? You'll have much fun finding out and, once more, you'll be treated to an inside look at another culture and its fascinating foibles. Anne Flosnik reads and does a super job with a subtle range of subcontinental accents.

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