<B>Sukey's favorite</B> <B>The Photograph</B> is Penelope Lively's 15th novel, but the first new audio presentation of her work in over a decade. Beautifully written, and wonderfully read here by Daniel Gerroll and Patricia Kalember, the story centers on lovely, elusive, impulsive Kath who died you'll find out how toward the end many years before the novel opens. Rummaging through a closet, Glyn, Kath's widower, finds a snapshot he'd never seen. In it, Kath and her older sister's husband are furtively holding hands. When, where, how, why? Glyn, whose neat scholarly world is severely shaken, sets off to ferret out the truth about Kath, first by confronting her sister, then by tracking down others in her life. And we meet them all sister, husband, niece, old friends characters who, memory by memory, produce a picture of Kath that none could have done alone. A literary listen delicate, expressive and affecting.

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