An aspiring novelist whose father is sitting on and refusing to sell some of the most valuable real estate in South Florida should have a prince of a guy at her side, bearing diamonds. Sure enough, boyfriend Brian does have a super gem for Tracey Sullivan, but it's mounted in a much more complicated setting than a mere band of gold. In Judith Gould's glitzy-glam novel, The Greek Villa, Tracey's life exceeds the storyline of her own most vivid writing. When her father suddenly dies, Tracey discovers he kept more than property to himself he also concealed the truth about her heritage. Pursuing the real story about her long-gone mother, Tracey seeks out the villa retreat of the woman whose image appears in her father's scrapbook. In faraway Greece, as she learns the truth about her parents, Tracey finds her spirits bolstered by Mark Varney, her agent. He refuses to settle for a gentlemanly 15 percent of her life. He's bound to have all of the spirited woman whose ancestry is as classic and fiery as that of a Greek goddess. Gould delivers a shimmering blend of global glamour and thrills that's as heady as vintage champagne. Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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