Best known for his mystery novels featuring the gloomy and introspective private investigator Charlie Parker, author John Connolly branches further out into the supernatural with his latest, Bad Men. Skillfully cutting back and forth across three centuries, Connolly spins a tale of murder, betrayal and intrigue on a small island off the coast of Maine. Petite rookie officer Sharon Macy has accepted an assignment to Dutch Island. The resident cop, Melancholy Joe Dupree, is a brooding seven-foot giant deserving of his nickname. Macy has only cursory knowledge of the bloody history of Dutch Island, but Dupree is all too familiar with the closely held secrets and superstitions that have permeated every cranny of island life for generations. Together this unlikely duo will form the only obstacle to a malevolent band of killers bent on avenging a 300-year-old score. Connolly is in a class by himself when it comes to escalating tension; his pacing is relentless and his insight into the darker side of life is uncanny. With each succeeding novel, Connolly comes closer to bridging the gap between, say, Robert B. Parker and Stephen King, offering compelling real world mysteries shadowed with timeless evil.

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