Dan Brown tackled codes and decoding before he zoomed into best-selling prominence with The Da Vinci Code. In Digital Fortress, published a few years ago and recently released on audio, Brown takes us into the clandestine depths of the National Security Agency (NSA), as its valiant cryptographers race to break a code that could disable the agency's uniquely powerful decoding machine and spread a barrier-eating virus that would make our super-secret intelligence data available to "every third grader with a modem." Most valiant of all is Susan Fletcher, the NSA's brilliant, beautiful head cryptographer who finds herself in a chilling maelstrom of murder and malice. It's a raced-paced tale, read with requisite elan by Bruce Sabath and packed with intriguing cyber-science, encryption details and passing thoughts on personal privacy. Dan Brown delivers again.

Please note: audios may be available in formats other than the ones reviewed here.


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