Somewhere in the earthquake-shattered ruins of Kazabek is the laptop of an Al-Qaeda terrorist. The covert squad of SOS operatives searching for the computer risks the dangers of a brutish warlord and the aftershocks of nature in Suzanne Brockmann's riveting thriller, Flashpoint. Jimmy Nash and Lawrence Decker's longtime undercover partnership is challenged when Tess Bailey joins their team. Frustrated by her boring desk job, Tess believes she can match their commitment to finding the laptop. Convincing Nash and Decker of that is another matter, particularly because both men are attracted to her. In the ruined capital city of Kazbekistan, the trio cannot rely on the latest technology. Instead, their own training and instincts guide them. Sometimes those instincts fall short, but they pit their skills against both nature and man in this exhilarating and timely thriller of passion and danger that's as intense as it gets.

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