What are the odds of two May mysteries being set in Minnesota? Have the Twin Cities become crime central while nobody was watching? Whatever the case, some first-rate thrillers have been set in the Gopher State (I'm not making that name up), most recently this month's Tip of the Ice Pick award-winner, P.J. Tracy's Live Bait. Mother-daughter writing team P.J. and Traci Lambrecht have crafted a fine successor to their best-selling 2003 novel Monkeewrench. Homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth return to investigate a series of murders of octogenarians, several of whom are Holocaust survivors. Events take a global turn as the murder weapon is determined to have been involved in several homicides worldwide; meanwhile ex-Monkeewrench computer geeks use high-tech face recognition software to ferret out information not only about the killer(s?), but also the victims. The tension in the Twin Cities is palpable as elderly residents arm themselves against the unknown predator, and it falls to Magozzi and Rolseth to bring the case to a speedy conclusion before there is a senior citizen uprising. Live Bait is a book to be read in one sitting it's that suspenseful. The characters are complex and thoughtfully drawn, the dialogue razor-sharp, and the resolution masterful. Don't miss it!

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