Cooking for a convent of nuns isn't exactly a dream job, but Julia of Childress longs for her own home and family and believes the only way she'll ever get either is by taking on the unappetizing challenge of becoming the chef for Griffin de Grandaise in Betina Krahn's merry olde tale, The Marriage Test. Even Cyrano never faced the nasal woes endured by the hot-tempered Griffin, who's driven to wear a clip over his nose because of his heightened sense of smell a true curse for a man living amid the stables and the hygienically challenged folk on his estate. Julia proves the truism that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The mouth-watering banquets she prepares are a reader's feast as well in this zesty medieval romp filled with canny characters and leavened by the machinations of an avaricious neighbor. The appetites of heart and senses are joyously filled in this robustly written treat.

Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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