Don't Look Back is the fifth novel by Norwegian author Karin Fossum featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer, although it is the first to be published here. Set in a small village northwest of Oslo, the story initially gives every indication of being about the abduction of a young girl. Sejer comforts the child's distraught mother as a search party combs the town and the adjoining wilderness. Although the girl ultimately returns unharmed, the search party discovers the nude body of a teenage girl alongside an alpine lake, thus setting in motion a murder investigation that threatens to explode the tenuous tranquility of the town. Sejer is a rich and complex character, devoted to his dog and the memory of his recently deceased wife, and tightly focused on the job at hand. The suspense is palpable, and red herrings abound. And, without giving anything away, the ending is as chilling as anything we have read in a very long while!

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