<B>Thursday's Danish adventure</B> In <B>Something Rotten</B>, the fourth book in Jasper Fforde's popular series about literary detective Thursday Next, a fictional character tries to take over England, the morally challenged Goliath Corporation attempts to become a religion, and Thursday has to look after a certain indecisive Danish prince. All of these events are in some way or other related to the "revealments" of St. Zvlkx, an incredibly accurate 13th-century prophet whose seventh and last revealment states that a croquet game featuring Thursday's local team, the Swindon Mallets, will determine humanity's fate.

Thursday also rescues President-for-Life George Formby (a real-life ukulele-playing film star), gets involved in neanderthal rights (neanderthals were genetically engineered into existence in the 1930s), attempts to smuggle a convoy of trucks filled with banned books (all Danish) across the armed border to Wales, and all the while struggles to find reliable child care for her son, Friday. Fforde juggles his way through space and time (Thursday's dead father and "eradicated" husband both make crucial appearances) and manages to retain the madcap energy of Thursday's earlier adventures. Despite some recapping of previous events, there is so much going on that readers new to the series might best begin with the first book, <I>The Eyre Affair</I>. <I>Gavin J. Grant writes from Northampton, Massachusetts.</I>

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