Comedian David Brenner thinks we should see everything even life's devastating blows through a "veil of humor." To that noble and honorable end, he gives us I Think There's Another Terrorist in My Soup, a second dose of "life according to Dave" that promises and delivers a surefire way "to survive personal and world problems with laughter." And though his irreverent take (expressed in decidedly irreverent language) on marriage, children, sports, the weather and aging may not bring peace to the Middle East or lower the federal deficit, it will give your funny bone more than a tickle. His family's foibles and his own fuel more of David Sedaris' laugh-out-loud essays, which cover the everyday, the absurd and the outrageous as only he can. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Time Warner Audiobooks, $31.98, 6.5 hours unabridged, CD, ISBN 1586215027), will only add to his status as a national humor treasure. Sedaris writes wonderfully, but it's really more fun to listen to him: his timing is perfect, his voice made for these quirky, at times poignant, always wickedly funny tales. As I've done before, I have to add this caveat: driving while under Sedaris' influence may cause accidents you'll be laughing too hard to see the road.

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