Waiting in the wings these past six years hasn't diminished Robert Backus, aka the Poet, the brilliant FBI profiler who became what he profiled: a stealthy, savage serial killer. He's center stage again in The Narrows, Michael Connelly's intricately plotted sequel to his bestseller The Poet. Backus has just left a calling card a desert grave with the remains of nine missing men. But that's only a sideshow; he's really after his former FBI colleagues. Retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch, Connelly's most complex and compelling character, and FBI agent Rachel Walling, who can never forget her Quantico mentor, Robert Backus, take the bait. Working together, at odds with the Bureau and often with each other, they know that they must go to the place where evil waits and face the Poet themselves. Deftly narrated by Len Cariou, this is Connelly at his best.

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