Far more is at stake than winning top prize in the Port Findlay photography contest in Meg Chittenden's scintillating romantic mystery, Snap Shot. Gallery owner Diana Gordon, along with Connor Callahan and other exhibit judges, discovers the dead body of local arts benefactor Rosemary Barrett amid the photographs being judged. One new photograph appears to be a deliberately placed clue that ties the murder into Diana's own past as a big-city private investigator. Even with a law enforcement conference taking place at a nearby hotel and a local police chief with solid credentials on the case, the killer eludes detection. Diana sets aside her determination to abandon her past to find the killer before he targets her and before she's set up as a suspect in the investigation. Widowed chiropractor Connor is attracted to Diana, but he's not yet ready to give up his own regular conversations with his late wife. Chittenden brings into focus all the nuances of small town tale-telling with the living color of her gifted writing.

Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.

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