How many times have you wanted to satisfy a sweet craving for a classic peanut butter cookie, a rich, thick fudgy brownie, a slice of light-as-a-feather Angel food cake only to discover that every recipe would yield enough for a small crowd when you only wanted a small serving? Help is at hand there's a new approach to baking that lets you have all the joy of a home-baked treat without being left with half a gooey layer cake, mounds of muffins or dozens of cookies to super-size yourself with. And that help is called Small-Batch Baking. Author Debby Maugans Nakos, a longtime member of the how could I have eaten the whole thing club, has created more than 225 recipes for scrumptious, made-from-scratch desserts and breads that serve two. Her cakes, from chocolate layer to dulce de leche cheese, have all the flavor and texture of their larger prototypes. There are pies to please all tastes, quick-to-make-and-bake cookies and bars, single-sized shortcakes, cobblers and crisps, comforting baked puddings, sweet and savory muffins and breads, and a special section of divine Valentine's Day desserts that offer more than a loving spoonful. Think big, bake small!

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