When does truth tarnish an American hero? Suzanne Brockmann's sizzling new suspense novel, Hot Target, focuses on two of today's most incendiary topics gays and the extremists who love to hate them. Movie producer Jane Chadwick's plan to film the biography of World War II hero Hal Lord means outing him, and that's more than the rabid members of the Freedom Network will tolerate. Death threats spook Heartbeat Studios enough to bring in a team of bodyguards, including Navy SEAL Cosmo Richter, and FBI agent Jules Cassidy. Jane singles Cosmo out to foster her own faade as a Hollywood hottie, but soon finds he's more than arm candy. Jane's brother, Robin, is the womanizing actor chosen to play Hal, a career-making role. His research forces him to confront the self-denials driving his dissolute lifestyle. This fast-paced, sensuous and provocative novel proves that all relationships contain virtually the same nuances, angst and joys. Brockmann takes aim at stereotypes, fears and ignorance with the heart of a warrior-writer and ably proves the pen is indeed mightier. Brava, Brockmann.

Sandy Huseby reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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