A chance encounter during an English snowstorm casts two travelers into each other's arms, and indelibly into each other's hearts in Mary Balogh's new Regency romance, Simply Unforgettable. Frances Allard works hard at her demure schoolteacher image, worried that her shady songstress past will catch up with her. When Lucius Marshall swoops into her life during a snowstorm, their time together in a rustic country inn is a wonderful interlude of snowmen and waltzing to the music they make together. But Lucius, Viscount Sinclair, cannot put out of his mind the magic Frances brings into his life. He promised his family he would find a bride, but she's far from meeting acceptable standards. Believing she is acting in his best interests, Frances rebuffs him repeatedly while he stubbornly overcomes challenge after challenge. Balogh's sprightly and sensual story of love at its Cinderella best is a delightful adventure that will keep readers entranced from page one. Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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