Romance novels are a thriving genre, here long before chick lit, with all its sassy sex and attitude, and hen lit, with all its divorce, trophy wives and Botox. And there's every reason to believe that a good love story will always have appeal. A good example of that enduring appeal is Led Astray by Sandra Brown, a popular practitioner of the genre, ably narrated by Karen Ziemba. Though it was originally published 20 years ago, this story of two brothers and one woman will tug at your 21st-century heartstrings. Jenny loves Hal, Hal loves his worthy causes, and his brother Cage, the black sheep of the family, has a tender passion for Jenny. It's a simmering triangle that begins to boil over after a night of loving deception, a dreamlike mistake that will change life for Jenny, ever unsuspecting, forever. Does love prevail? I can only answer that question by asking is this a romance?

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