With her debut novel, Mitchell a graduate of the prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop has produced a dazzling work of historical fiction set at the end of World War I. When Yael Weiss, an 18-year-old Jewish girl, falls for Dub Hagopian, a soldier of Armenian-American descent, she is determined to listen to her heart. Although the pair only meet for a brief moment, Yael decides to change her name, pose as a Christian, and sign up with the YMCA in order to follow Dub, who is working somewhere in Europe. During her time overseas, Yael befriends another girl from the Y named Brennan and, with her help searches for Dub. Meanwhile, the elusive young man has been working as a translator and has become involved with an underground group whose goal is to avenge the massacre of the Armenian people sanctioned by the Turkish government in 1915. When Yael finally finds Dub, she joins him in his pursuit of Turkish war criminals, and together they enter a world of dizzying political intrigue. Mitchell based the novel on letters written by a friend's great-aunt a woman who served as a YMCA volunteer in France after World War I. Using history as her foundation, she has crafted an authentic set piece, blending elements of romance, humor and suspense into a broad, ambitious narrative.
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